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Violin & keyboard duet

Duo violin with a piano or singing with a piano has been the most popular musical revival of various social events since the Mozart era. One consequence of this popularity is the immense wealth of a suitable repertoire.

Violin & cello duet

The duo violin with the violoncello is extremely immune to the sound and created for the most beautiful experiences. Ideal for smaller weddings up to 80 guests.

Harp & violin duet

Harp with violin combines the neatness of musical production with absolutely superb design and sound

Violin, cello & keyboard

The keyboard give the trio a modern sound and the result is excellent, full sound and the main advantage is undoubtedly an enormous amount of the contemporary repertoire – evergreens, pop, hits of contemporary world and Czech popular scene.

String trio

String trio in classical composition (violin, viola, cello), with classical sound, but with a modern repertoire.

String quartet

Wedding String Quartet are four professional musicians. My name is Melody Quartett, and weddings are our hearts. In addition to wedding ceremonies and banquets, we also play at parties, private, corporate and VIP parties, and we are also guests or part of larger music projects.

Violin, cello, keyboard & singer

This set is suitable for your entire wedding day. To the ceremony, a wedding feast-banquet as a key-string quartet. And in the evening, our violist becomes a singer, and we can play with dancing and full-length dancing. You do not have to invite another dance group tonight.